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"A Productive Life" SERIES' "A Productive Life"

Pastor Tortora
august 2, 2015

"Developing Self-Control" SERIES' "Developing Self-Control"

July 26th 2015
Pastor Tortora speaking
Finishing his series on "The Fruit…

"A Gentle Approach" SERIES' "A Gentle Approach"

Continuing the Series on Fruit of Spirit

"Can I Count on You?" SERIES' "Can I Count on You?"

Pastor Tortora Speaking
July 12, 2015

"Authority in the Christian Life" SERIES' "Authority in the Christian Life"

Pastor Tortora continuing his series on "THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT"

"Putting on a little Kindness" SERIES' "Putting on a little Kindness"

Pastor Tortora Speaking
June 14, 2014

Peaceful Living in an Uptight World SERIES' Peaceful Living in an Uptight World

May 24th 2015

Pastor Tortora Speaking

"Becoming a More Loving Person" SERIES' "Becoming a More Loving Person"

Pastor Tortora
May 3rd 2015

"The Power To Change Your Life" SERIES' "The Power To Change Your Life"

First Message in the series of "The Fruit of The Spirit"
Pastor Tortora…