Meet Our Staff



Pastor David Tortora

-Lead Pastor-

   Pastor Dave grew up in Sacramento, California, where he met his wife Kim and started his ministry. A graduate of Bethany University in the Santa Cruz, CA area, he has served as lead pastor of two churches in California. He enjoyed an eleven year tenure at Scotts Valley Christian Center and ten years as pastor of Calvary Assembly of God in Santa Rosa. Because of his great love for missions outreach he accepted the position of Executive Director of an international outreach to marginalized children now called Child Empowerment International. He continues to stay involved with this and other missions outreaches.

    Dave became the pastor of Turning Point Christian Center on January 1, 2010. He and his wife Kim look forward to an exciting future for this church. His vision for the church is "Loving God & Loving People." He says this biblical mandate is a great fit for this church because they are "full of love for God and others."

    He loves preaching the Word of God and seeing people grow in their faith. "What people need, more than anything today, is the truth of God's Word. God loves us so much and we need to hear the message of His love letter every day!"

    He is always ready for a good cup of coffee (black, of course) a round of golf, or a discussion about fantasy football. He loves to cook and enjoy good food. Some of his favorites are pasta dishes, a perfectly grilled steak and Mexican food. His favorite snack is chips and salsa (only if the salsa is good!)

    What touches his heart most of all is his family. Spending time with his wife, 5 kids, and eleven grandkids is his greatest joy!





Pastor Tim Walls

-Youth and Worship-

Tim and Angie come to us from Albany OR.  They have 3 beautiful children. 

Tim and Angie met in high school  band and began a friendship then.  But it was not until Tim was a freshmen in college that they started dating. 

They realized they had much in common.  Music, and Loving God as two of the biggest.  

Tim has a heart for worship and for youth and his desire is to disciple teens into a closer walk with God and understand their calling as a Christian.


Angie also has a heart for worship and for youth.  She is a wonderful helpmate to Tim and a stay at home more for her children. She is very gifted and serves in other areas of ministry as well.  


We are blessed to have them with us.










            Jami Brown

    -Children's Ministries-


 Jami and Andrew come to us from Northern California where they served  on staff as Children's and Youth Ministries Directors at a church in the community of Davis. Jami is also a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education in Manhattan, NY. Jami is a PK and brings a wealth of experience to lead our children's ministries. Andrew is an electrician by trade but has been a youth director and also plays the drums on our worship team. They have five beautiful daughters, including identical twins.







 Kim Tortora

Office Manager &

Women's Ministries Director

 Kim came to Turning Point with her husband, Pastor Dave, in January 2010. She is passionate about the Lord and has a great love for people. Her energy for ministry and her infectious enthusiasm are a tremendous asset to the church as she serves with all her heart. Near the beginning of 2012 she came on staff as the Office Manager and has a wide variety of duties. As Women's Ministries Director she leads a very active group of women who have a great desire to love God and love people. They have many active ministries and small groups to help women grow in Christ and actively serve through the church.

Kim is also a professional photographer who does family portraits, outdoor shoots, and also is actively involved as a sports photographer for some local schools.