Meet Our Staff

                  Lead Pastor  - David Tortora

Pastor Dave grew up in Sacramento, California, where he met his wife Kim and started his ministry. A graduate of Bethany University in the Santa Cruz, CA area, he has served as lead pastor of two churches in California. He enjoyed an eleven year tenure at Scotts Valley Christian Center and ten years as pastor of Calvary Assembly of God in Santa Rosa. Because of his great love for missions outreach he accepted the position of Executive Director of an international outreach to marginalized children now called Child Empowerment International. He continues to stay involved with this and other missions outreaches.

    Dave became the pastor of Turning Point Christian Center on January 1, 2010. He and his wife Kim look forward to an exciting future for this church. His vision for the church is "Loving God & Loving People." He says this biblical mandate is a great fit for this church because they are "full of love for God and others." Our community needs the saving message of God’s love desperately.

    He loves preaching the Word of God and seeing people grow in their faith. "What people need, more than anything today, is the truth of God's Word. God loves us so much and we need to hear the message of His love letter every day!"

    He is always ready for a good cup of coffee (black, of course) a round of golf, or a discussion about fantasy football. He loves to cook and enjoy good food. Some of his favorites are pasta dishes, a perfectly grilled steak and Mexican food. His favorite snack is chips and salsa (only if the salsa is good!)

    What touches his heart most of all is his family. Spending time with his wife, 5 kids, and fourteen grandkids is his greatest joy!




                                   Youth Pastor - Mike Mikaele





      Music Minister - Bull Kela



  Children's Minister - Josephine Clark




     Life and Family Connections - Kim Tortora




   Office Manager - Dorian Kela










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